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ThermoStrong Product Announcement

December 06, 2019

by Liberty Pultrusions 0 comment

ThermoStrong Product Announcement

Liberty Pultrusions is now manufacturing fiberglass reinforced polyurethane pultrusion.  The ThermoStrong brand is ideal for a variety of applications, where rigid thermal performance is required.  The PVC window manufacturing industry is one specific market segment that is utilizing ThermoStrong fiberglass pultrusions from Liberty Pultrusions. The PVC window manufacturers utilize ThermoStrong fiberglass window stiffeners due to their excellent thermal performance and outstanding strength.  ThermoStrong fiberglass pultrusions offer approximately 700x the thermal performance of aluminum while maintaining similar strength characteristics.  ThermoStrong Fiberglass pultrusions are quickly becoming the product of choice for PVC window manufacturers.  

ThermoStrong fiberglass pultrusions manufactured by Liberty Pultrusions is an “Green Earth” product.  The manufacturing process for this product contains no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollution), which provides added benefit of being Green Earth friendly.  Even though ThermoStrong fiberglass pultursions are earth friendly it still provides the highest strength to weight benefits of any pultruded product. 

ThermoStrong fiberglass pultrusion can be used in any application where higher strength and UV stability is required.  ThermoStrong fiberglass pultrusions by Liberty Pultrusions are stronger and more UV stable than traditional pultrusion made with Polyester and Vinyl Ester resins. 

Mechanical Property Comparison 
 PolyesterVinyl EsterPolyurethane / Thermo Strong 
Tensile StrengthGoodBetterBest  
Tensile ModulusGoodBetterBest 
Compressive ModulusGoodBetterBest  
Compressive StrengthGoodBetterBest  
Flexural Modulus GoodBetterBest  
Interlaminar Shear StrengthGoodBetterBest  
Notched Izod Impact GoodBetterBest  
UV stability GoodGoodBest  

Liberty Pultrusions can produce ThermoStrong fiberglass reinforced polyurethane pultrusions in most any standard or custom shapes.  Please contact sales for further details 412-466-8611 or


David M. Griffith


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