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Resin Options for Fiberglass Grating - Liberty Pultrusions

Resin Systems Available for FRP Grating

Fiberglass Grating is available in many resin systems, allowing the end user to make an economical selection for a specific application.

At Liberty Pultrusions, we offer the following resin options:

FRP Mesh Grating Walkway sold by Liberty Pultrusions manufacturing
FRP grating options sold by Liberty Pultrusions

General Purpose – Orthophthalic Polyester: An economical general purpose resin system for grating applications requiring good strength with minimal contact with harsh chemicals.

ISO (Isophthalic Polyester): A resin system offering an intermediate level of chemical resistance in moderately corrosive environments. A recommended material for applications involving splash or spill contact with chemicals.

Vinyl Ester: Provides the maximum level of corrosion resistance to aggressive chemical environments. Use in applications where contact with harsh chemicals, caustics or bleach is frequent.

Fire Retardant: All Standard Resin Systems noted above are fire retardant to a Class I flame spread of 25 or less based on ASTM E-84 Testing. Verification of testing is available if needed.

USDA Certified: The General Purpose and ISO resin systems can be formulated in such fashion to be certified under USDA requirements. Certification by an independent laboratory is available if required. This special formulation is fire retardant but does not meet Class I requirements.

UV Resistance: All of our gratings has a UV additive to limit degradation from outside exposure.

Material Properties
• Flame Retardant – (ASTM E-84) — Class I
• Most Resins Corrosion Resistant
• Electrically Non-Conductive
• Impact Resistant
• Low Thermal Conductivity

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