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UltraStud Nuts | Fiberglass Studs/Nuts | Liberty Pultrusions

UltraStud® Fiberglass All threads/Studs & Fiberglass Nuts

Ultrastud/Nuts is a fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester all-thread rod and FRP fastener system with superior physical and mechanical properties. The system typically outperforms traditional steel studs and nuts where severe corrosion is present. Available in FRP Square and Molded Flanged Hex Nuts.

Ultrastud/nuts FRP pultrusions sold by Liberty Pultrusions
Applications of Ultrastud/Nuts Pultrusions

Ultrastud/Nuts FRP pultrusions are ideal for:
• Conduit and pipe hangers in corrosive environments
• Electric insulator barriers
• Thermal barriers
• Simple connects in corrosive environments


Ultrastud Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) studs are high strength polymer studs, pultruded with E-glass reinforcements and a Vinyl Ester resin matrix. The rods are then milled to establish Unified National Coarse (UNC) thread s.
Ultrastud fiberglass threaded studs are used for applications where corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal insulation, light weight and high strength properties are required.


Ultrastud/Nuts are availab le in FRP square nuts or molded flanged hex nuts. The FRP square nuts are manufactured in a high strength Vinyl Ester resin and E-Glass matrix, secondarily milled with UNC thread s. The flanged hex nuts are molded with ISOPLAST®* polyurethane resin with glass reinforcement. FRP square nuts and molded flanged hex nuts can be applied with standard mechanical

Ultrastud is intended to be used only with the Molded and Square Nuts. Steel Nuts are Excluded.

Features & Benefits of Ultrastud/Nuts Pultrusions

• Corrosion Resistant
• Electrical Insulation
• Lightweight
• Low Maintenance Cost
• Magnetically Transparent

• Ease of Fabrication Capabilities
• Reduced Downtime
• Low Conductivity without Special Tools
• Enhanced Safety

Download UltraStud Fiberglass Nuts Data Sheets:

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