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Neutron Shielding Plastic | Liberty Pultrusions

specification sheet

Product: PPC-H.O.T.-NSC
Brief Description: High Operating Temperature (H.O.T.) Neutron Shielding Copolymer Sheets (NSC)
Full Description: PPC Neutron Shielding Copolymer Sheets from Liberty Polyglas is a highly engineered radiation shielding material designed for elevated temperatures. Our proprietary PPC-H.O.T.-NSC sheets are capable of withstanding continuous operating temperature of 350 F (176C) while the nearest competitive material is capable of only 275F (135C). The PPC-H.O.T.-NSC sheets utilize nuclear grade UHMW Polyethylene and is copolymerized with other proprietary materials including elemental boron to provide customers maximum neutron shielding. Our materials are ideal for military, nuclear, medical and industrial radiation shielding applications. PPC-H.O.T-NSC sheets are used to shield radiation in nuclear powered plants, nuclear powered ships and other radiation exposure industries.

PPC sheets are very light weight and easy to fabricate. The sheets are manufactured in a variety of thicknesses from ½ inch (12.7mm) through 1.5 inch (38.1mm). PPC-H.O.T. sheets are 100% manufactured in the USA utilizing only the highest quality domestically produced nuclear grade raw materials. The sheets are manufactured in a controlled quality environment and can be certified to Mil-P-24468A or other customer specifications.

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